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Elago Earhooks Make Your AirPods Fit Better

Elago Earhooks Make Your AirPods Fit Better

As someone who’s used a number of different headphones, I know that the best shaped in-ear headphones for a workout have a small hook that helps lock the headphone in place. And if you’ve invested over $150 for a pair of AirPods, you’d probably like to use them in any situation without having them fall out of your ear.

Well, Elago Earhooks help you do just that. They’re just small silicone tips that attach to your AirPods to give them that little hook to allow the headphones to fit more securely in your ear, improving on the rather mediocre fit of Apple’s headphones.

The Earhooks come in a number of colors and at around $9, it might just be worth it to try as some people find they really prefer the hook design of headphones. And I see no reason why they wouldn’t work with the standard Apple Airpods if you really want to improve the fit.

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