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Shure Announces Affordable In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Shure Announces Affordable In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

You may not have heard of audio giant Shure, but they have been one of the largest and most successful audio companies of the last 100 years. Made famous by their grill-style microphone produced in the 50’s, their headphones are among the most favored by professionals, and just about every singer prefers their iconic professional in-ear monitors during live performances.

Well the company just announced two new pairs of Bluetooth in-ear headphones, a first for the company. The headphones feature sound isolation and a deep bass, delivering up to 8 hours of battery life. They’re offering the headphones in two flavors, a $99 and a $149 pair. The cheaper $99 pair has a fixed cable while the more expensive of the two has a detachable cable which can be used with any other Shure in-ear monitors, and the Bluetooth cable itself can be purchased for $99.

The slightly pricier SE215 seems to be the much more compelling of the two as along with the detachable cable, it offers better sound quality and a bendable behind?the?ear cable for better comfort and sound isolation, as well as being offered in black, clear blue and clear white, while the $99 pair is only available in black.

Both options are available now, and if you’re looking for a new workout pair of headphones, the Shure SE215 should be a very compelling offer.

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