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Nifty On-Sale Items for Your Bedroom and Bath

Nifty On-Sale Items for Your Bedroom and Bath

Minion HD Wi-Fi Camera

Can you spot the hidden security camera? Yes, it’s that Minion HD Wi-Fi Camera. Your kids will not mind having that in their room as it’s super fun. You can sound like a minion when talking to them via the two-way audio. From $50, it’s down to $37.49 today.

Inlife Wakeup Lamp

Bedside lamp. Wakeup Light. FM Radio. This Inlife Lamp is all these and more. It can simulate the sunrise to wake you up properly in the morning and can dim to total blackness just 30 minutes before you sleep. It’s at a 63% discount, making it up for grabs for only $30.

Kedsum Lighted Makeup Mirror

You know the trouble with mirrors? You need to find the perfect angle to avoid light bulb glares, yet you need a bit of light to clearly see your face. This wouldn’t be a problem with the Kedsum Lighted Makeup Mirror. It has 14 LED lights to properly illuminate your face. Plus, it has a powerful 10x magnification during times that you need precision — like when you’re tweezing facial hairs or putting on your eyeliner.


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