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How to Choose the Right Hotel in Bangalore?

How to Choose the Right Hotel in Bangalore?

Be it the green cover, the exciting nightlife or that big software giants, Bangalore is a popular destination in India. So, it’s good to know that you are travelling to Bangalore to explore its life. But have you made all the hotel reservations? Travelling to a new place often involves spending money on accommodation which could escalate your total expenses. If you’re someone who doesn’t like spending their night on someone else couch or in a hostel, you will end up spending a few bucks on hotel rooms. Yes, hotels and resorts offer lots of amenities, but they come with a price tag. The better the hotel, the higher the price. But you don’t always have to spend a bomb on your hotel reservations.

A few hacks can cut the price. Here are some of the tips which will help you choose the best hotel in Bangalore.

Type of traveler- Is it an official tour or leisure one? Your selection from the plethora of hotels in Bangalore is largely influenced by this, not because of the types of amenities, but owing to the time taken for commuting in the city. Though, Bangalore is not a very big city, the traffic on the road makes it tough to travel from one place to the other. Moreover, the public transport system of Bangalore is still at an evolving stage, making commuting more difficult. While leisure travellers can choose hotels in Central Bangalore, which enjoy good connectivity with the rest of the city, business travellers should choose the hotel on the basis of the venue of their meeting.

Sign-up for promotional newsletters of hotels- Most of the top hotels have their newsletters and loyalty programs that you can sign up to keep a tab on their latest offers. Especially during festivals, many hotels come up with packages which you can use to get a good bargain in return.

Remind them of your previous stay- Brand loyalty will help you earn brownie points so make sure you choose the chain of hotels in which you have stayed before as well. Before booking, don’t forget to tell them your experience of staying at their hotel, even if that was your business trip or an off-site. They will be happy to know that you have revisited them and this might help you in getting some discounts as well.

Take the Help of Online Travel Portals- Undoubtedly, finding a good hotel in Bangalore is a mammoth task, especially when there are endless options. To ease your work, take the help of online travel portals like Yatra, Goibibo, MakeMyTrip, etc.; where you can find the right hotel within your budget. At times, the rates offered by these travel portals are cheaper than those shown on the hotel website.

Travel During Off-Season- Travelling during the off-season is one of the right ways to curtail your expenses on accommodation. If there is a particular hotel in your mind that you’d love to stay in but unfortunately, it is out of your budget, then you can go there during off season. They will surely shower you with discounts and additional benefits when they have a few guests in their hotel.

Book in Advance- If you have decided to travel during peak season, book your accommodation in advance. While last minute booking works during off-season, the prices escalate during peak season. So once the destination is decided, your next aim should be finalising a hotel. Online travel portals, like Yatra offer hefty discounts if you book your hotel and other travel packages much before the departure date.

Travel During Weekdays- If feasible, travel during weekdays only and strictly avoids public holidays and long weekends when hotel rates reach to a new level. Many hotels give one night stay as a complimentary if you book more than two nights with them.

Choose a Family Room or ask for Extra Bedding- If your travelling group includes four or five people, you can save some bucks by booking a bigger family room that allows more people to stay in one room. There are some hotels which also have connecting rooms and they would be happy to provide them to you at discounted rates. In case there are three adults, you can ask for an extra bedding in the same room which would be cheaper than booking a separate room.

Bargain Hard- Last, but not the least, it is the time to demonstrate your negotiation powers. Haggle your way to get a good hotel deal. Be polite and ask the hotel manager—is there any way to get some discounts as prices are going above your budget? They are there to make profits and if possible, they will surely prefer to welcome you as a guest than sending you back. Even if you will ask for discounts, the worst that can happen is that they will refuse. In that case also, you will come to know what you should not utter while negotiating with the manager of the next hotel.


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