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Deal Of The Day: 96% Off On, Lifetime Subscription

The VPN wars continue, and the latest offering from, Lifetime Subscription, seems pretty solid and well rated as well.

When you browse the Internet, you leave footprints that hackers, corporations, and government agencies can use to collect your personal information. That’s where comes in. Allowing you to browse anonymously with AES-256 data encryption and SHA-256 hash authentication, gives you absolute control over your browsing experience without slowing your connection to a crawl.

“With excellent support, plenty of servers and good connection speeds, not to mention strong encryption and a good Windows client, VPN.Asia is a well-rounded VPN service with plenty on offer.” BestVPN

Browse anonymously w/ mobile, tablet or desktop devices w/ a single click
Access blocked websites securely from anywhere in the world
Share Peer2Peer (like w/ BitTorrent) considerably more securely
Download & stream content from all over the world safely & anonymously
Connect to any of 40+ servers in 30 countries around the world
Use w/ 5 connections at the same time per account: works on computer, mobile device, streaming media consoles, & wireless routers

Normally well over $1,200 for a Lifetime Subscription, you can get your now for $39.99.

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  • Nick

    I just visited this asia vpn website and my adblocker blocked 12 (!?) third-party scripts, from which couple were from Google analytics and Facebook. How that’s supposed to help keeping user’s online privacy secure? I really have my doubts when I see something like this. One should always invest some time and look for trustworthy providers that doesn’t use third-party services which track user. Good example is Traceless VPN as they don’t use any third-party service and offering the strongest protection.