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Zera™ Food Recycler Makes Fertilizer Right At Home In 24 Hours

You might have a big pile of compost out in the back yard, and that’s great and all, but it’s 2017, man. It’s time to tech it up! The Zera™ Food Recycler claims to be able to turn one week’s worth of food wasted into usable fertilizer in just 24 hours. Weighing in at a hefty 118lbs, the device sits by your kitchen counter and accepts food scraps as you produce them, keeping smells locked in through HEPA layers and a carbon filter as well as a tight lid. Once a week of scraps is in, toss in a Zera™ Additive Pack, press a button and let the thing run its magic for 24 hours. Blades will chop and churn, while sensors will monitor temperature and humidity. The Additive Pack, made from coir and baking soda, serves as a catalyst and helps ensure that the job gets done in a day.

It’s $999 for the system, while a box of 24 Additive Packs will set you back $50.

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