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Remix IO – A 4K, Nougat-Powered, All-in-One device

Remix IO – A 4K, Nougat-Powered, All-in-One device

Remix IO is here to redefine the concept of an all-in-one. It is a beautifully designed Android device for your home, office, or school. Engineered to be a 4K set-top box, gaming console, and PC in a single device, Remix IO is powered by the latest Remix OS (based on Android Nougat), bringing you unprecedented possibilities in an affordable, easy to setup, and simple to use device. Remix IO comes with a better processor, high-performance RAM, more storage, and more ports than any product in its class.

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2 responses to “Remix IO – A 4K, Nougat-Powered, All-in-One device”

  1. Doug McHone says:

    Does it have Amazon Prime video? If not, it’s a non-starter for me.

    Roku FTW!

  2. Jeff Zhao says:

    Yup, you can downloadd the Amazon Video app from Google Play!