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Horse Head Mask

Horse Head Mask

If you walk and talk and behave like an animal, it behooves you to look like one wearing these animal masks. These are masks that put a horse head on your shoulders. The maker bears no responsibility for the inevitable horse’s rear jokes you will be subjected to after donning the mask. The masks are made of latex and sort of semi-realistic. They’re one size fits all masks, so you and everyone else in your circle of family and friends can try it on. They’re also comfortable and big enough that you can wear them to costume parties all evening without really having to take the trouble of getting a full costume. The masks also make for a great novelty gag gift for the upcoming Halloween.

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One response to “Horse Head Mask”

  1. Greatgeezer says:

    Some 1D10t will wear one to scare the s–t out of someone and will wind up getting his head blown off.