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Bird Of Prey Bike Gives Riders A Whole New Position

Bird Of Prey Bike Gives Riders A Whole New Position


You’re probably already familiar with what riders look like on a recumbent bicycle, lazily leaning back, but if the Bird of Prey bike takes off you’ll soon see them in an entirely new position: semi-prone. In other words, this bicycle has its riders leaning all the way forward, legs stretched out the back, as if flying through the air, with their hips and elbows fully supported through leather pads. A creation of California-based architect John Aldridge, it’s been in the works since 1991 but only now hitting the production line. Aside from looking a little bizarre, the position is said to have its advantages, such as increased agility through a lower center of gravity, an improved aerodynamic profile, and increased power production:

Due to the Bird of Prey’s ergonomic layout, riders are reportedly easily able to turn its big 60-tooth rear chainring (linked to a 36/11 cassette), producing more torque than would be possible than with a smaller ring. They’re also able to spin like crazy when climbing hills, with their legs fully extended.

Like anything new hitting the market, don’t expect it to be cheap: it costs a whopping $8,500.




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5 responses to “Bird Of Prey Bike Gives Riders A Whole New Position”

  1. RH says:

    Something for people with WAY too much free time, and WAY too much extra money πŸ˜‰

  2. Patrick Stevens says:

    And easy rear mounting…. not the bike.

  3. Jekabpils says:

    Sorry i am not usually this way , but only this one instance i have to ask may i see product photo from behind?

  4. Specie 5618 says:

    Head first ?, No thanks. Dead on the very first impact !

  5. Bicoid says:

    One’s right calf would come in frequent contact with the greasy chain, making riding a mess.