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A Spadle Is A Spoon And Ladle In One

A Spadle Is A Spoon And Ladle In One


The spoon sure likes to get around. First it mates with the fork, giving the world the atrocious invention known as the spork. And now we have the Spadle. This device easily converts between a versatile cooking spoon with a silicone tip, to be used with shallow pans, into a ladle that can scoop out hearty 1/2 cup portions of whatever stew or soup you’re working on. The handle features a hinge that lets you go between modes easily, and the head also has measurement lines at 100ml, 1/4 cup, tablespoon, and teaspoon. It’s all of $20.



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One response to “A Spadle Is A Spoon And Ladle In One”

  1. kktkkr says:

    It’s probably also a spade and an iPhone cradle.