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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Deal Of The Day: 24% Off On Titan Travel MFi-Certified Lightning Cables


Apple cables are notorious for fraying and dying just about ten seconds after their 1 year warranty expires. Don’t buy another one from them! The Titan Travel MFi-Certified Lightning Cables are basically bullet-proof, and cost less.

Life moves pretty fast, if your charging cable snags, wears, or tangles, you’re gonna miss it. Titan Travel charging cables are built tough and designed never to tangle. Two layers of flexible, high-strength steel protect your industrial-grade cabling so anywhere you go, you’ll know your charging cable is up to the challenge.

– Keep your devices safe w/ MFi certification
– Loop to your keychain, belt loop, bag, etc.
– Easily extend to your USB port & plug in
– Enjoy durability of industrial strength steel
– Avoid dealing w/ frayed ends & damaged connector housings
– Carry in your backpack, briefcase or purse w/o taking up too much space

Normally $29.95, they’re $22.95 after today’s rebate.


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The Simple Shower


Need to take a shower, but there’s none around you? The Simple Shower is a plastic device that attaches to almost any standard 2L bottle and turns it into a shower. The air tube lets air in so that water will flow out freely; just fill the bottle up, attach the Simple Shower, and turn the bottle upside down. It’s $10 and a great item to carry with you on your outdoors adventures.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

Here’s How A Camera Adds “10 Pounds”


The above gif shows the same man apparently getting fatter before you. Obviously he isn’t. Instead he’s being photographed by one Jim Stub, with lenses of different focal lengths. The first, the one where the subject looks thinnest, has a length of 20mm and each successive image increases this, all the way up to 200mm. The details of why the lens optics do this to you are complicated to explain, but at least now you have some new proof that maybe it really isn’t you who’s packed on the pounds after all.

The image below details the same effect, but it’s by a different photographer.


VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Google Chrome – Flash vs HTML5


The following article is brought to you by -Ed.

For a while now Flash has been decreasing in popularity of use. There are several reasons for this, not least the fact that it can be very labour intensive to use and is of course often susceptible to security issues. HTML5 has been around for a while now and presents a far better option when it comes to web development.

We are going to take a look at why HTML is being more widely used for online development. We are also going to look at Google’s plans for quarter four of 2016 which could hail the beginning of the end for Flash.

Why is HTML5 so popular with developers?
The simple fact is that HTML5 works far better, from a development point of view, than Flash. It enables web development which is compatible across different devices and which is relatively simple to achieve. Whereas native apps have previously been the preferred choice, it seems likely that many native apps will serve mainly as gateways to HTML5 created web apps in the future. The experience may not seem much different to the end user but it means that developers can harness the power of HTML5.

Is this the end for Flash?
Flash has already lost most of its popularity with Google and in quarter four of 2016 this is going to go one step further. At that point Google will start offering HTML5 as the default experience on all websites aside from the top 10 ranked sites that require Flash usage. As you can see, this is a big change as far as Flash is concerned. Visitors to websites will still be able to select the Flash experience but it will have to be chosen rather than being the default option.

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Deal Of The Day: 50% Off On Samsung Level Box Mini Bluetooth Speaker


Bluetooth speakers are common household items nowadays, and you’re constantly seeing deals on them. What makes one stand out from another then? Well, the name on the box can make a difference, sometimes. The Samsung Level Box Mini Bluetooth Speaker is a product from a trusted brand, and it’s seeing quite the rebate today.

There are many Bluetooth speakers available, but few with the quality and compact size of Samsung’s Level Box. You can easily fit this sleek, wireless speaker in your bag when you’re on-the-go, and pair it with your NFC or Bluetooth device to get listening. Featuring A2DP wireless streaming technology and built-in Samsung SoundAlive, this speaker lives up to the Samsung name in a big way.

– Packs big sound quality & performance into a slim design
– Easily fits in a backpack, purse or pocket
– Delivers bold, clear sound w/ bass resonance & range typical of large speakers
– Wrapped in a sleek all metal frame
– Pairs w/ NFC-compatible devices
– Includes a built-in HD speakerphone so you don’t miss any important calls while you’re listening

Normally $100, it’s $49.95 after today’s deal, shipped as always for no money at all.

[ Get The Samsung Level Box Mini Bluetooth Speaker ]

3D Printed iPhone Case Helps You Throw Those Pokeballs Straight


The Pokemon Go craze continues unabated, and while we could make all kinds of comments, we won’t. It is what it is, and for better or worse, there are tons of products being made to hitch a free ride on the bandwagon. The iPhone case pictured above is a creation of one John Cleaver, and its only use in the world is to help you throw that Pokeball as straight as possible. Why? So you can… catch them all. Of course. It’s a free download, but you’ll need your own 3D printer and iPhone 6. And given the fact it’s going viral and tons of people are asking John for cases that fit their phones, stay tuned for cases adapted to Samsung phones and more.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]

RightShears: The Angled, Natural-Grip Scissors


Last year we wrote about RightShears. These were wacky-looking scissors with a sharp 90 degree bend right in the blades, which made it possible to hold with a a more natural grip than standard scissors. If you look at the picture above, you’ll understand immediately why RightShears would be perfect for anyone with arthritis, or with a desire to cut things in a more natural and ergonomic fashion. Well, we’re writing about them again because you can finally buy some. Their Kickstarter failed last time, but we’re happy to report they’ve relaunched and it is now fully-funded, with 56 days to go. You can get yourself a pair with a $14 pledge, with an estimated shipping date of February 2017.

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Video: Castrol® EDGE®, The Titanium Trials (Sponsored)

The following article is brought to you by Castrol® EDGE®. -Ed.

Long time readers of this site will know that we have a diverse focus, most often writing about technology and gadgets, but very often verring off into topics we believe will interest the very same people who have a passion for consumer electronics. One of these topics is the automotive world. We’ve had our fair share of hands-on encounters with cars from various manufacturers, and we’ve always come away impressed with what is being accomplished at the very edge of automotive mechanical engineering (in each respective segment of course).

We are particularly fascinated by the narrow field where new technology intersects with old school design and engineering, so we were pleased when Castrol got in touch and asked us to look at what they’d done with their latest line of engine oil, the Castrol® EDGE® boosted with Fluid Titanium Technology. More specifically, we were intrigued by how they’d put their new oil to the test. You should watch the above video, featuring Koenigsegg One:1 driver, Christoffer Nygaard. Yes, Nygaard is an accomplished driver, but the exciting part isn’t so much his pedigree, as the creativity displayed by Castrol in their testing.

They asked Nygaard to race through a track virtually, at first, establishing his personal best time on a simulator. They then put him on the real track and asked him to race his clone using a Koenigsegg One:1, so named because of its 1:1 power to weight ratio (that’s right, 1,360 HP for a weight of 1,360kgs!). Did you gus ever play Mario Kart and raced yourself? Yeah, it’s just like that!

The Castrol® EDGE® boosted with Fluid Titanium Technology is three times stronger against viscosity breakdown than the leading synthetic and leading conventional oils, giving the cars that use it an edge over their rivals. You can watch how Nygaard fared against himself in the two minute video we’ve embedded above.

Egg Chair by Nanna Ditzel

Having been a critically acclaimed design since 1959, the Egg Chair by Nanna Ditzel represents classic design in a minimal form. The unique, sculptural shape was created by Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel in 1959 and has since then been dubbed as a beautiful home decor and resting furniture. The demand for sustainable products have made rattan the more popular framework used to design this chair today. This piece is by Sika Design who has been renowned to produce rattan furniture since 1942.

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