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Kink Proof Garden Hose Will Make Your Summer Smoother

Kink Proof Garden Hose Will Make Your Summer Smoother


Look, those flowers aren’t going to water themselves. But those of you who’ve had the pleasure of pulling the garden hose out for a watering know all about tangles and kinks screwing up your workflow. As you move around, the hose will inevitably bend in a way that interrupts the flow of water, forcing you to walk back a few meters to angrily detangle it. Well, the Tuff Guard is a kink-proof garden hose has an “extruded three-ply construction with a polypropylene double helix exterior for stability to help resist kinks and knots.” It can work with 100psi of pressure, with up to 300psi in burst mode. It’s 100 feet long, can handle temperatures between -20 degrees F to 158 degrees F and comes with a one-year warranty for workmanship and material defects. At $73, it’s quite a steal.


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