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Foldimate Folds Your Laundry For You

Foldimate Folds Your Laundry For You


Moved out on your own and now you have to do your own laundry? Yeah, it sucks, we know. But if you’ve got some cash, you’ll soon be able to skip on one of the more annoying parts of the process: the folding. Foldimate is a rather large appliance whose sole job it is to fold your clean laundry. You clip the garments to the front, and the device brings them inside, folds them, steams them, and even perfume, softens, and sanitizes them. You’re left with a neat pile of folded clothes that you can then easily place in your dresser. If it works as advertised, it looks like an amazing device, albeit an expensive luxury at $700-$800. And it’s not quite ready for prime-time, as you’ll only be able to start placing pre-orders in 2017.


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One response to “Foldimate Folds Your Laundry For You”

  1. Buckaroo says:

    Very impressive, but how about just setting the basket of clothes in front of it and let it load itself.