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Deal Of The Day: 91% Off On Celo VPN, Lifetime Subscription

Deal Of The Day: 91% Off On Celo VPN, Lifetime Subscription


You guys seem to be into “lifetime subscription” deals, so why not bring one more up? The Celo VPN: Lifetime Subscription offers you yet another VPN, but the price point is starting to get really interesting now. $29!

Complete online security doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Celo VPN brings together all the essential tools one looks for in a VPN: high speed connections, worldwide servers, data encryption, and the ability to bypass location-based censorship. Plus with no logs kept of your online activity, you can put your full trust in Celo for years to come.

– Protect your data from hackers & government agencies
– Get super fast & reliable connections
– Set up your VPN in a few easy steps
– Secure your data w/ 256bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
– Log into your VPN on 5 devices simultaneously
– Use servers located all over the world
– Unlock geo-restricted content globally
– Enable two-factor authentication for extra security

So yeah, normally a lot of money, now not so much. I mean, $29 and you’ve got yourself a VPN for, well, they say life, but let’s be honest: will there even be an Internet as we know it in 50 years? In any case, it’s not a lot of money.


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