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Sploofy Can Help You Smoke Indoors More Discreetly

Sploofy Can Help You Smoke Indoors More Discreetly


Ok, you want to quit, but… not just yet. Right? Like, it’s on your to-do list, but you’re just too stressed with other stuff now to add the stress of giving up cigarettes. We understand. Until you get there though, you might want to do something about the freaking smell cigarettes leave behind when smoked in an enclosed space. Sploofy, goofy name and all, claims to make it possible to smoke indoors without leaving any smells behind.

Enjoy smokeless and odorless sessions every time by simply exhaling your smoke into the Sploofy- no batteries needed! Its two-stage HEPA air filter captures over 99% of smoke particles, while activated carbon traps unwanted odors. Watch your smoke convert into clean air in the palm of your hands! It’s light, compact, and even looks discreet

Of course, the proof is in the pudding, but despite the reasonable $20 price tag we’re unwilling to try it because, well, we don’t smoke. Reviews on Amazon seem to praise it though, so there’s that.

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One response to “Sploofy Can Help You Smoke Indoors More Discreetly”

  1. Patrick Stevens says:

    So… Cig in one hand and sploofy in the other? Nah.