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Top 3 Websites Your Business Should Know By Now

Top 3 Websites Your Business Should Know By Now


As the old saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” In the world of business, anything that can help you beat the competition is worth knowing. Whether that’s increasing efficiency in file sharing, wanting info on a current domain name, or knowing where to hire the best employees, there are certain websites you should be aware of, and here are the three we believe are the most useful.

Google Docs

You might have heard of a little search engine called Google, but did you know about their convenient file editing program? Google Docs is a cloud-based word processor that allows for individuals to create and edit online documents, spreadsheets, and presentations – all in real time and for free. With all the files saved and stored within Google Drive, Google Docs is perfect for employees working on a project in different locations, and will streamline your workflow in a way not many other programs can.

Whois Domain Lookup

This is more aimed at businesses ready to either buy a domain name or would like to switch names. The Whois domain lookup tool will provide you with public information regarding any currently registered domain. The tool can tell you the company name, address and telephone number of the domain owner. If there any legal issues, or you would like to offer to buy a domain from someone, the Whois domain lookup tool is the best place to start to find the necessary data. There are several companies to go with, but this tool provided by 1&1 is one of the better choices on the web.


LinkedIn is rapidly becoming the go-to social networking platform for businesses and jobseekers alike, in fact, many companies will now headhunt potential employees using the website. As this article on Forbes tells, jobseekers will use relevant keywords in their profiles that will enhance their ranking on Google searches. Furthermore, most provide a link to a professional website or online portfolio that gives companies more insight into their career. 62% of businesses are reported to use LinkedIn, and the site remains the third most used social network in the world. LinkedIn is a must-use platform for your online presence.