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Minimaterials: Like Real Building Materials, Only Mini

Minimaterials: Like Real Building Materials, Only Mini


Maybe you sometimes fantasize about how cool it would be to play around with bricks, and cinder blocks, and mortar, and just build shit. But then reality sinks in and you see how impractical it would be; what would you even do with the stuff you build? It’s not like you’re ready to commit to making an actual structure… Well, that’s where Minimaterials comes in. They make miniature versions of the big boy materials you can’t play with. Yes, real concrete cinder blocks, real mortar, real wooden pallets. The cinder blocks, for instance, measure 1.3″ x .66″ x .66″, and a 24-pack that comes on a wooden pallet costs all of $15. They even have Jersey Barriers and red bricks for your mini construction needs.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 1.27.05 PM

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