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Deal Of The Day: 28% Off On EOS Titanium 2.0 Wallet (Flame Treated)

Deal Of The Day: 28% Off On EOS Titanium 2.0 Wallet (Flame Treated)


Look, you’re going to need a new wallet at some point. You might even need one now, and the EOS Titanium 2.0 Wallet (Flame Treated) stands out from the rest for its flame treated Titanium appearance, as well as a host of other features.

Get the simplicity of a dual-plate wallet, the functionality of a money clip, and the style of Grade5 titanium with this best-selling wallet. CNC machined and designed with six O-rings to prevent any bill or card from slipping through, the Titanium 2.0 Wallet covers all its bases. Easily fan open the contents to select what you need, and use the thumb slot as a bottle opener when what you really need is a cold one.

– Stores up to 25 cards, 20 cards & 20 bills, or 60 bills
– Flame treated for a unique, natural appearance
– Includes a thumb slot/bottle opener
– Provides easy access to contents
– CNC machined from titanium
– Constructed in the O-ring style (2 plates & 6 O-rings)
– Includes a Fulcrum titanium money clip
– Keeps contents secure

Normally $105, it’s $74.99 after today’s rebate.


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