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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Deal Of The Day: 96% Off On Pro Digital Photography & Photoshop Bundle


You bought a nice dSLR because you know that it will take better pictures than what you’re smartphone is capable. But, well, it turns out there’s a little more to it than pointing and shooting. Yes, you can learn, and what better way to become a proficient photographer than with the Pro Digital Photography & Photoshop Bundle?

Ever wondered what it takes to be a professional photographer? Whether you want to be a paparazzo or a wedding photographer, this bundle teaches you how to master manual photography. It’ll teach you everything from pinpointing exposure to mastering the perfect landscape shot to perfecting fine art techniques. And the course doesn’t stop there: It walks you through Photoshop and details how to take a photo from zero to hero through videos and easy-to-follow instructions.

– Learn w/ over 30 hours of content & 27 instructional units
– Take a course developed by pro photographers & accredited Photoshop teachers
– Learn from an internationally recognized course that’s been accredited by the International Association of Online Training – Standards
– Receive access to one-on-one online help & support
– Study at your own pace w/ 24/7 access to all lessons
– Access the instructional videos for life

Normally $799, this course is available now for $29!

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Behold The Richard Mille RMS05 $105,000 Fountain Pen


We’re used to seeing Swiss watches fetching six figures and more, but it’s the first time we come across a fountain pen created like a precision, luxury watch. The Richard Mille RMS05 is a work of art, for sure, but it’s also a marvel of mechanical engineering, like most sophisticated luxury watches.

According to Richard Mille, it took the Swiss watchmaking company four years to develop the RMS05, which incorporates a mechanical movement on par with an RM watch calibre. The Grade 5 titanium, 12-jewel movement sits inside a barrel of NTPT (North Thin Ply Technology) carbon, which is a laminate of thousands of parallel layers measuring less than 30 microns thick. The layers are built up out of resin-impregnated carbon fibers that are woven on a special machine that modifies the direction of the weft between layers by 45°, then heated to 120° C (248° F) at a pressure of 6 bars to create a distinct pattern before moving on to a CNC machine for forming.

Other components are PVD treated and micro-blasted, while the gears are Rhodium plated. The baseplate on which the mechanism sits is electroplasma treated, and the entire thing is visible thanks to a pair of 1800 Vickers sapphire crystals with antiglare treatment.

But, it’s a fountain pen. There’s a fancy mechanism inside, sure, but… what does it do?

It extends the hand-polished 18K white-gold nib automatically from the barrel at the press of a button. That may seem simple in a world of retractable ballpoints, but Mille wanted the action to be smooth and precise, and hence the mechanism, which is regulated by a recoil-type escapement to keep the speed of extension under control.

So there you have it. $105,000, and you have yourself the fanciest pen money can buy. Well, probably not, but it’s the fanciest we’ve come across so far.


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The Coconut Paddle Looks Awesome, Costs An Arm


Well, as far as ping pong paddles go, this has got the be the most eye catching one we’ve ever come across. It’s called the Coconut Paddle, and there is no coconut involved in its making. Instead, there’s a Blonde 3 Ply Bamboo Wood, with custom inserts in the handle. The shape of that handle is not only ergonomic but allows for left or right handed play. And like anything that looks unusual and seems overengineered, the price is through the roof: $108. For reference, that’s about $100 more than we’d be willing to pay for a ping pong paddle, but then again we know nothing about the game and wouldn’t be surprised if professional grade paddles fetch even higher prices.


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Vincent Van Gogh Plush Doll With Removable Ear


Well then… that’s a little creepy. But interesting nonetheless, in a “I-like-creepy-shit” kind of way. You’re looking at the Vincent van Gogh Little Thinker, by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. It’s an 11 inches tall plush doll with a frowny Van Gogh, and more importantly, a removable ear! It sticks with velcro, so you can spend your days taking it off and putting it back on, wondering how life must have been for the tortured artist. The story goes that Vincent cut the ear off “after an argument with fellow painter Paul Gauguin, and left it with a prostitute at a brothel the two frequently visited. There is speculation whether the ear was meant as a memento for Gauguin, a prostitute lover, or if Van Gogh was just batshit crazy.” We’re siding with batshit crazy, but only because that’s the kind of crazy that makes for the most amazing art. The doll is $19, and currently unavailable.


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Leather Portfolio Laptop and Document Organizer

Protect your MacBook and so much more with the Leather Portfolio Laptop and Document Organizer by Savage Supply Co. Created for the modern tech user, this protective case has ample space for all of your everyday carry items. On the right is a padded laptop sleeve perfectly designed for the MacBook Air 13”. The sleeve also has a pocket so you can easily reach and organize your documents. On the left, the Leather Portfolio has three pockets for business cards, notepads, and even your smartphone. Also on the left are handy slots for two keys or SD cards, three credit card slots, five pen slots, and two very useful leather loops that secure with a snap for your charging cable and earbuds

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Talisman Desktop Speakers by Serene Audio

Class up your desk with the Talisman Desktop Speakers by Serene Audio. The name says it all – these speakers turn your ordinary audio into a magical experience. Hand crafted using bamboo, leather, and brass, the Talisman Desktop Speakers have been beautifully designed but do so much more than just look good. Self-powered, these speakers are compact yet deliver sound to fill any room. The built in photo preamplifier means they can be directly connected to a variety of devices including a record player. Under the wavy contour of the exterior is a 3-inch full range driver and on the back is a port to connect and automatically detect a subwoofer. Transform your sound with the Talisman Desktop Speakers by Serene Audio.

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Deal Of The Day: 71% Off On DashCam Hi-Res Car Video Recorder & Camera


Now this is a deal. You’re looking at a dashboard camera that records in HD, and it’s… $27! Like, you probably thought to yourself it might be a good idea to get one, one day, but you didn’t think it was important enough to spend any significant sum on. Well now with the DashCam Hi-Res Car Video Recorder & Camera you can protect yourself in case anything happens to you, plus record footage of people doing dumb stuff on the road, for $27!

The premium dashcam will maximize your peace of mind on the road, saving you endless trouble in the event of a crash. Simply turn it on when you’re driving, and it’ll record footage of the road on a continuous loop. If you ever find yourself in an accident, you’ll have video evidence to avoid protracted disputes with your insurance provider, in court, and much more.

– Captures HD footage
– Operates as both a recorder & digital camera
– Ensures any accident is recorded
– Records over older recordings so you always have the latest footage
– Continues recording when your car suddenly jerks or shakes, even if the device is turned off
– Offers up to 2 hours of recording time w/ 8GB microSD card
– Includes capacity for microSD card w/ up to 32GB (not included)

So yeah, we’re not sure why anyone wouldn’t consider this a worthwhile purchase at such a low price. It’s insurance for your insurance, if you get our drift. And it’s $26.99. Shipped.


[ Get The DashCam Hi-Res Car Video Recorder & Camera ]

Caterpillar S60 Smartphone Packs a FLIR Camera


Caterpillar makes tough stuff. It’s known for its range of job-site tools and vehicles, but now it’s venturing into the smartphone business. You’d think it an odd choice, until you see the S60 Smartphone they’re releasing. Its most interesting feature is that it’s the first smartphone with an integrated FLIR camera, which lets on-site workers easily detect “heat loss around windows or doors, spotting moisture or missing insulation, or indentifying misfit electric appliances.” But when you’re not pointing the thing around looking for errant heat, you can be sure the device will survive life on the job site thanks to its “Mil Spec 810G case that can withstand drops of 1.8 meters and is waterproof to 5 meters, a die-cast frame, and a 4.7-inch touchscreen with automatic wet finger and glove support.” It’s got everything a construction worker or contractor would ever want, runs Android Marshmallow with 3GB of RAM on a Snapdragon 617 Octa-core processor, and costs all of $600, available “later this year.”

[ Press Release ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

Alice In Wonderland Shoes


The company Irregular Choice makes some pretty eye catching shoes. Just take the Star Wars shoes as an example. Well now they’re back with their latest creation, for which they’ve teamed up with Disney. The Alice in Wonderland shoes are simply psychedelic, which as we all know is perfectly fitting with the Alice in Wonderland theme. They’ll set you back anywhere between $184 and $381, and come in different styles, from Alice, to Cheshire Cat, to Teapot. Each pair is intricately adorned, and if you’re really into novelty tricked out shoes, seems worth every penny.


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