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Pooping On The Side Of A 4X4’s Tire

Pooping On The Side Of A 4X4’s Tire


When you gotta go, you gotta go. If you’ve bought yourself a fancy off-road vehicle, there’s chance you’ll be off the beaten path for long periods, away from civilized sanitation. If the urge strikes you, you can do your business like a caveman, or class it up a little with this toilet seat mounted to the side of a 4X4’s front wheel. There’s very little information about it, and the source seems to be a Russian forum. Our best guess is it’s a homemade contraption, so no chance to actually buy it. But you know, once an idea is in the wild, it just takes an enterprising guy and a Kickstarter, and you have yourself a product. Just make sure your buddy doesn’t try to drive it away while you’re doing your business, you know, for giggles.

[ Geekologie ]


2 responses to “Pooping On The Side Of A 4X4’s Tire”

  1. Buckaroo says:

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper and easier to just bring a plastic 5 gallon bucket and plastic trash bag?

  2. BillyBobMole says:

    They have a toilet seat for 5 gallon buckets too. However the 5 gallon bucket is bulky in the back of a vehicle.