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Deal Of The Day: 82% Off On A Lifetime Subscription to BitVPN

Deal Of The Day: 82% Off On A Lifetime Subscription to BitVPN


In life, it’s good to have protection. Whether it’s wearing a helmet when you ride, or a seatbelt when you drive, the same logic applies online. VPNs exist to put a layer of anonymity and protection between you and the Internet at large, and BitVPN is a strong player in this field.

Surfing the Internet on a public Wi-Fi connection? You’re putting yourself and your data in danger. With BitVPN, you can route your traffic through a different server located in an entirely separate region or country, so hackers can’t access your information. Plus by switching your IP address across borders, you’ll bypass geolocation restrictions preventing you from accessing certain sites and streaming services. With lifetime access, you’ll be thankful you snagged this deal on more than a few occasions.

– Encrypts your Internet traffic
– Hides your IP address from hackers & spies
– Delivers unlimited bandwidth & speed
– Secures your traffic w/ 256-bit encryption
– Offers access to more than 40 servers in 11 different countries
– Doesn’t record logs of your activity
– Unblocks website subject to geographical restrictions

Normally you pay for these services on a monthly basis. But with today’s deal, BitVPN is yours for life for $34.99!

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