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Star Wars Themed <strike>Urs</strike> Urns?  Yeah, Sure, That Exists

Star Wars Themed Urs Urns? Yeah, Sure, That Exists


Another day, another freaking Star Wars product. Soon, the entire planet will be one giant Star Wars piece of mercy merch. At which point is it too much? We’re not sure, but apparently there might be a market for people who want their ashes to be kept in a Darth Vader bust. Or a Death Star. They’re made using a 3D printing technique, which means colors can be custom. And according the company, they’re be delivered for free in a TIE fighter. Now this we have to see! It’s $225 for one, and of course they’re sold out.

Update: Oof… So many comments! Why you guys only come out when I screw up? Lol. Anyway, there, I fixed the typos. I’m ever so sorry,

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Geekologie ]


4 responses to “Star Wars Themed Urs Urns? Yeah, Sure, That Exists”

  1. Plain Truth says:

    Urns NOT Urs?? Spell Check Much??

  2. Shane Cashin says:

    Came for this

  3. Mark says:

    Also, “mercy”? I appreciate you’re trying to make “merchandise” smaller, but surely “merch” or “merchy” would be better?

  4. Patrick Stevens says:

    Nope. I gotta hold out for the Star Trek photon torpedo urn.