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Deal of The Day: 32% Off On Innori Virtual Reality Headset

Deal of The Day: 32% Off On Innori Virtual Reality Headset


Looking for gifts, it may occur to you that it would be cool to let a loved one experience virtual reality. There’s lots of ways to accomplish this, including the eagerly anticipated Oculus Rift. But until that comes, there’s stuff like the Innori Virtual Reality Headset that lets you use your smartphone to accomplish pretty much the same thing.

Pop your smartphone into this headpiece and say hello to your new reality. You’ve never played video games or watched content like this before, but finally the future is here. It’s immersive, exhilarating, and most importantly, crazy easy to use. Once your phone is inside, you strap the device onto your head and adjust the proximity. Then sit back, relax, and jump in head first.

– Adjustable straps maximize comfort & optimize viewing experience
– High-quality lens technology keeps images pure & distortion-free
– Viewing angles range up to 98-degrees in either direction
– Adjustable features allow you to easily adjust distance & size of images

Normally you’d have to pay $50 for this, but it’s $33.99 with today’s deal.


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