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Tiny Tesla Coil Can Play Music With Electric Sparks

Tiny Tesla Coil Can Play Music With Electric Sparks


Tesla coils are pretty awesome, but they tend to be big, unwieldy, and kind of difficult to seriously consider as a purchase. The Tiny Musical Tesla Coil however is only 6 inches tall when assembled, and can easily do its magic on a countertop. The best feature of this particular kit however is its ability to play music. With a USB cable and your laptop, you’ll be able to play MIDI tunes by controlling the pressure waves generated by the 4 inch sparks. Some assembly is necessary, so you’ll need at least some basic soldering knowledge, as well as access to a soldering iron, paint-on or spray-on varnish, and hand tools. It’s a single-resonant solid-state coil (SSTC Tesla Coil), which is great because it’s reliable and safe. You’ll be learning about alternating-current electricity in a very hands-on, and let’s face it, pretty cool manner. And you’ll only have to pay $229 for the privilege.





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