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The SKEYE Mini Drone Shoots HD Video, Costs Just $65 (DotD)

The SKEYE Mini Drone Shoots HD Video, Costs Just $65 (DotD)


You can get a cheap drone, and it’ll do all kinds of cool things like flips and hover and such. But when it’s cheap and it has a camera, it’s usually potato quality. Not so with the SKEYE Mini Drone with HD Camera, which shoots 720p video.

Explore the skies and take the footage to prove it with the SKEYE Mini Drone. From mastering smooth landings to pulling off impressive flips and rolls, you choose the adventure and the SKEYE Mini Drone will take you there. This perfectly-sized drone packs both a beginner and veteran pilot mode for a guaranteed good time no matter your experience.

– Embarks on night flights w/ included LED lights
– Flies w/ precision-controlled steering
– Performs flips, barrel rolls & aerobatic tricks
– Pulls off smooth maneuvers thanks to its high thrust & low weight
– Boasts outstanding stability w/ 6-axis stabilization
– Captures quality HD photos & video footage from high in the sky
– Features 4 coreless motors
– Includes beginner & advanced flight modes

Normally you’d have to pay $99 for something like this and you’d probably feel like you came out with a good deal. But at $65, it’s a steal.


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One response to “The SKEYE Mini Drone Shoots HD Video, Costs Just $65 (DotD)”

  1. andrewi says:

    How you actually seen the footage shot with this video camera? 720p with a poor camera can suck worse than 240p with a good one.