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New Condoms Glow In The Dark In The Presence Of STDs

New Condoms Glow In The Dark In The Presence Of STDs


If you’re wearing rubber, you’re already doing something to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. Good for you. But not everyone is always 100% diligent with this practice, and all it takes is one slip up with an infected partner for you to catch whatever they have. A team from Isaac Newton Academy in Illford, England have developed condoms coated in a special substance that glows in the dark in the presence of different kind of bacteria or virii. Better yet, they glow different colors for different bugs: green for chlamydia, yellow for herpes, purple for HPV and blue for syphilis. Having this knowledge early on in a relationship can help you avoid making a more serious mistake later on.

Currently it’s just a concept, but the students behind it are hopeful that they can develop the idea further into a real product.

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One response to “New Condoms Glow In The Dark In The Presence Of STDs”

  1. Johannes says:

    “…have developed condoms coated..” is bullshit. Like the last sentence is saying: “Currently it’s just a concept” – these guys just had the idea! And there is still a 9 year old patent about these kind condoms: