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Top 10 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Track Your Online Presence

Top 10 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Track Your Online Presence


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Take your marketing game up a notch by using these effective social media monitoring tools. With features from keyword search alerts to useful analytics, these tools will help you understand your customers’ sentiments. You can also compare various such tools here, to evaluate them competitively and find the one that suits your needs the best.

Google Analytics
One of the first things to note about this social media monitoring tool is that it is free – no need to pay subscription fees to companies for monitoring software anymore! They offer a ton of quality services like tracking specific ads, integration with Adsense and Adword accounts as well as your website which is WordPress-powered, notifications in case of noticeable changes in patterns of data, etc. More importantly, they have a substantial collection of how-to articles, video tutorials, a blog and a responsive and useful official forum to help you out in case you face problems. For a lengthier review, visit here.

Social Mention
This online social media monitoring tool is handy and extremely easy to use with real time search options. You open the website, enter the name of the website or product you want to track, or even your own name, and hit enter to find out where and when they have been mentioned. You can also sort the results by refining the timeframe or source. Social Mention also offers data analysis in four forms – strength, sentiment, passion and reach. You can also narrow down your search by selecting where you want the tool to search in the Web.

In the online world where there are so many monitoring tools to track your business, it can be easy to lose track and hence lose important information. The brilliant service that Cyfe offers is the option of creating a custom dashboard where you can store and organize all the information you want to track. There are multiple widgets of commonly used Web services already integrated in the dashboards, like Facebook, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This easy to use software has a free plan as well some well-priced plans, so you can choose the one that suits you.

Many Google Alert users shifted to Mention after having bad experiences with the former software. You can enter keywords and Mention will search social media and the Web to find out when and where it has been mentioned. Compatible with a lot of platforms and available in 42 languages, this tool has features waiting to be utilized. There is also a sentiment feature will sorts the negative, positive and neutral content. It will email you the statistics and analysis daily or weekly – and it allows a free trial of 14 days without a credit card!

Making updating easy as pie, Hootsuite assembles all streams from various social media accounts in convenient dashboard, you don’t have to launch the individual programs themselves to see an update – it is an ideal for those who have to manage multiple client accounts. There are number of paid plans to choose from according to your needs as well as a free plan. This social media management system was declared to be the best in a survey by Pingdom and it is available across all platforms.

This social media management tool curates and schedules (using a smart calendar) your posts making your work much easier. Your updates can be separated into campaigns, you can control the scheduled posts with the click of a button. Scheduling is a great selling point of this tool and it is extremely easy to use for it employs the drag and drop method. You get information about the number of posts, conversions and clicks in a given timeframe. All this is available to you for a fee as low as $9 per month.

This is probably one of the highly priced monitoring tools (beginning at $500 per month), but it is extremely powerful and useful for those who need high-end services. You can get information on who is talking about your brand and pinpoint the location as well. And the search field is not restricted to social media platforms only – Brandwatch searches the whole Web. This brand monitoring tool has some impressive features like customizable multiple dashboards, exportable data, multilingual support, an email alerting system, along with excellent support.

This simple tool requires no special training to learn and has some interesting features apart from the regular ones that you get in similar monitoring and analytics. While you can get information about who is talking about the brand and where, there is also a useful and unique world map – here, if you hover the mouse over a region, pie charts will instantly appear to show the sentiment in that area. You can narrow down your enquiry by result type, language, “How Often”, “How Many” and easily create an alert.

This is a social media monitoring tool for Twitter users only. When you enter a keyword, you get a lot of unique results like top tweets, photos and most tweeted about topics about the subject, a real-time string of updates regarding the subject under consideration, list of the top Twitter users to have posted about that particular area, top 10 keywords in relation to your chosen subject, etc. This level of information is yet to be provided by any of the other Twitter search tools available today.
This is a search engine, with a simple and accessible interface, that focuses on top online conversations and is a nifty tool to keep track of social mentions, especially on Twitter, as it can access every tweet since the beginning of Twitter! However, it can also find you results from across the Web. You can identify influencers using the data as well as get sentiment scores on posts. You can narrow down your search by domain names, links, photos and videos as well as by specifying a timeframe.