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Deal of the Day: 36% Off On Hubsan H111 Drone

Deal of the Day: 36% Off On Hubsan H111 Drone


It’s one thing for drone prices to drop. It’s another for them to drop to the point where they’re starting to cost about so little you have to ask yourself not whether to buy, but rather how many to get. The Hubsan H111 Drone is an inexpensive drone that seems to do just about everything you’d expect from a flying quadcopter.

Get ready for some uninhibited summer fun with this outside-friendly, ultra-stable nano drone. The Hubsan H111 is a sleek, bright quadcopter that’s ready to fly out of the box, and full of awesome functionality like 360 degree flips and rolls. It’s time to put down the PS4 controller, get outside, and get flying, because as they say: life’s short, fly a drone.

– 4-channel 2.4Ghz radio system
– Extremely lightweight & easy to maneuver
– 360-degree roll & flip functionality
– Ready-to-fly out of the box
– Outdoor & indoor flight ready
– Integrated gyro technology for stability
– LED lights for night flight

So the real kicker comes in at the point where we tell you the price: $31.99, instead of the usual $50!

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