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No One Vacuums Anymore

No One Vacuums Anymore

Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover.


Don’t tell us that you still pull a vacuum cleaner out of the closet on Saturday morning.  We just don’t believe you.  But, if you are schlepping a vacuum around the house every week, we’d like to know why. Maybe you really love it.  (Do you also enjoy mowing the lawn?) These days, smart thing to do is have a robotic vacuum that handles the bulk of the work. Notice how we didn’t say Roomba?  That’s because there are plenty of alternatives available – and the faveable team has found some of the best. We are confident some of these are going to excite you – even if you love vacuuming on your own (which we’re not certain we understand yet).

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One response to “No One Vacuums Anymore”

  1. Jhony_Isaacs says:

    Personally I love this robotic vacuum cleaner. Because this robotic vacuum cleaner auto movie easily and clean dirt from every corner.