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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Best Jet Skis to Start Your Summer off with a Bang

Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover.


It’s summer time and what better way to have fun than to ride a jet ski in the calm waters. If you’ve ever ridden a jet ski, you know what an exhilarating experience it can be. The faveable team has rounded up a list of best jet skis, personal watercrafts or a personal submarine (if that’s your thing). Hit the link below to check out the best personal watercraft that excites you. On a related note, you can also checkout the 7 Best Electric Bikes this year.

Check out: The Best Waverunners & Jet Skis This Summer


Deal of The Day: 40% Off On ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10000mAh Battery


The ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10000mAh Battery is one of our bestsellers. Think about it: 10,000mAh external battery that recharges with the sun and costs $30! It’s a ridiculously good deal.

Power up your gadgets in the most unexpected places with the extremely compact SolarJuice battery pack. SolarJuice charges up at home like your average battery pack, but also lets you add extra juice on-the-go using its built-in solar panel—so you’ll never be left unplugged from the digital world.

4.5 Stars on Amazon!

– Simultaneously charges 2 devices at once
– Rain-resistant, shockproof & environmentally friendly
– Anti-explosion, lightweight, compact & reliable
– Includes a top grade-A cell, built-in 10000mAh lithium polymer battery
– Comprised of 2 total outputs: 2A fast-charging for mobile devices + 1A charging for smartphones
– Allows casual solar charging via a powerful 1.2W monocrystalline solar panel
– Boasts an ultra-long battery life; recharge the SolarJuice 1000+ times
– Use in the dark w/ built-in LED flashlight

Normally this battery would be $50, but with today’s deal it’s down to $29.99!


[ Get the ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10,000mAh Battery ]

Pizza Hut Australia To Launch Meat Pie Stuffed Crust Pie


Over the years we’ve come across some creative offerings from Pizza Hut. You guys remember the Cheeseburger Stuffed Crust Pizza? Or the Hot Dog Crust and Shrimp Tempura Pizza? Yeah, well the latest creation has the company stuffing tiny Meat Pies in the crust. Pizza Hut Australia is partnering up with Four’N Twenty, and they’ve announced this new venture with a series of tongue-in-cheek jealous tweets describing a romance gone wrong, and the birth of a lovechild, the Four’N Twenty Stuffed Crust Pizza. We don’t know how long this will last, nor if it’ll ever be exported to Pizza Huts outside of Australia, but we like the way the company is thinking. Because who hasn’t thought “gee, I’d really like some meat pie with this pizza.”? Amirite?


[ Mashable ] VIA [ ThatsNerdALicious ]

GravityLight Is Back, Brighter, And More Robust


The GravityLight is powered by, well, gravity. You attach it to a strong beam, tie a 12kg weight to it (made from rocks or sand), and let gravity pull it down. As it does, it powers a set of gears inside, which drive a DC generator that produces one-tenth of a Watt. That’s enough to power the LED for up to 25 minutes at a time. When that’s over, just hoist the weight back up and keep going. This is great for developing nations which often rely on Kerosene lamps that are not only polluting, but noxious, and potentially dangerous. The makers of the GravityLight already made one last year, but this new model is brighter, more robust, easier to use, and can provide light even as it is being charged. More importantly perhaps, it is being assembled right in Kenya, which will provide some jobs to the very people it is meant to help. You can get one yourself for a $70 pledge, all the while knowing you’re contributing to a good cause.


[ Project Page ] VIA [ MikeShouts ]

SensorWake Alarm Wakes You Up With Nice Scents


Typical alarm clocks rely on loud, jarring sounds to wake you up. It’s effective, but it’s also a pretty rough way to get your day started. Guillaume Rolland, an 18-year-old French entrepreneur, thought there was a better way to go about it and created SensorWake. It’s an alarm clock that releases a scent, and in testing is able to wake 99% of people up within 2 minutes. Scents are stored in special replaceable pods, and range in variety from “Continental breakfast: Espresso & Hot Croissant” to “Candy Rush: Sweet peach & Strawberry candy”. If you fail to wake up after 3 minutes, then SensorWake will revert to a backup audible alarm so you don’t miss your important meeting. Each scent pod lasts up to 60 times. You can get in on the action with an $89 pledge, which includes a 2-capsule pack.


[ Project Page ]

Deal of The Day: 85% Off On Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle


Making things with an Arduino board is a lot of fun, but it does require at least a little bit of know how. You can unleash the device’s full potential by following the four following courses, bundled in today’s Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle.

ARDX Arduino Starter Kit
Tackle 13 Different Projects w/ This Fully-Stocked Beginner’s Toolkit

Arduino Step-by-Step ‘Your Guide to the Internet of Things’ Course
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Arduino ‘Make a Remote-Controlled Car’ Course
Advance Your Skills & Build a Full-Featured Remote-Controlled Car

Beginning Arduino ‘Make Your Own Environment Monitor System’ Course
Create a Gadget That Posts Your Environment Data to a Web Logging Service

Normally you would have to pay $575 for these four courses, but with today’s deal it’s just $75.99.

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Man Adds Distorted Sticker To Selfie Stick, So It Comes Out Looking Normal On The Image


We wrote about anamorphic designs before, and you guys were impressed. These types of designs look off and distorted when looked at from most angles, but straighten out when looked at from a specific vantage point; it’s a clever way to make a 2D image appear 3D by using perspective rules. Pablo Garcia set out to use this type of image in his project called Memeto Mori, which he describes like this:

Using principles of anamorphosis, or obliquely distorted perspective, the printed graphics are applied to the selfie stick. The smartphone camera is the only vantage point capable of decoding the image, inserting a graphic into your selfie. Perhaps it’s a sober reminder of your mortality in the midst of your vainglory, or simply a pile of poop with eyes

In plain english, he took some images, stretched them out in a specific way and printed them. He then stuck the printouts on a selfie stick, so that the stretched out print looked like the original image to the phone’s camera. It sounds weird when described, but just look at the GIF, and pics, and you’ll understand.

There is no mention on how to make these, nor whether he even sells them, but how hard can it be to figure it out? Now that you have the idea, it’s just a matter of acquiring a little bit of know-how. The question is: is this worth any more than a passing “huh, neato!”?


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Someone 3D Printed A Save Button


I don’t want to live in this world anymore.

Ok, so maybe it’s a hoax. Maybe it’s real, and some kid just has no idea that the “save button” used to be an actual thing. Whatever the explanation is, one thing is certain: I’m old. If you saw the above and realized this scenario is, sadly, totally possible, then you too are old, my friend.

The “not wanting to live in this world” comment? That’s just age-related depression; it happens at 30, and that’s a fact.

Ok, moving on…

VIA [ NoPuedoCreer ]

Yes, The Electric Wakeboard Is Happening


The thing about electricity-powered vehicles is they have to reach a critical mass, a point at which their use doesn’t involve a dramatic sacrifice of convenience, for consumers to pay attention. Tesla cars, for instance, don’t compromise on range, performance, or safety, and are thus enjoying widespread adoption. Electric wakeboards, however, could have easily been ignored if they didn’t have the kinds of numbers the Radinn Wakejet Cruise has: 25 knot speeds, for 30 minutes, at full speed, with a 1 hour charge. That’s 28.8mph, or about 46.3kph, which is pretty darn fast for a floating board. It accomplishes this with a carbon fiber and kevlar construction, which keeps the weight down to 29kg (63.9lbs), and an electric brushless motor that’s “nearly silent”. You don’t need waves wherever the Radinn Wakejet Cruise goes, but… you do need a heck of a bank account. It’s a $19,375 purchase. Yeah, so, about that critical mass… it sort of goes like this: affordable – good range – fast, pick two.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Werd ]