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Deal Of The Day: 12% Off On Dotti Pixel-Art Smart Light

Deal Of The Day: 12% Off On Dotti Pixel-Art Smart Light


Here’s a quirky product that you really have to get to know before you understand why it’s cool. At its most basic level, the Dotti Pixel-Art Smart Light is a light. But it’s made up of 64 LEDs which serve as pixels, opening the door to a vast field of uses.

This unique pixel light does so much more than look cool. Dotti alerts you of texts and social media updates, and even displays a multicolor light show when you play your favorite music. Interacting with Dotti doesn’t stop there—you can even play a dice game or customize animations.

– Display social media notifications
– Sync the light w/ the clock
– Customize notifications w/ the free app
– Project your favorite icons & animations
– Adjust lights w/ music in “music mode”

You should really watch the video below to get a better idea of what you can do with Dotti. It’s a fun product to own, and at $69.99, down from $80, it’s not terribly expensive.

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