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RingStash Lets You Keep Your Proposal A Secret Until The Time Is Right

RingStash Lets You Keep Your Proposal A Secret Until The Time Is Right


Imagine a scenario where you’re going to propose to your longtime girlfriend, ok? You have it planned just right, and you know the exact moment you’re going to pop the question. And then she asks you “Is that a ring box in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” Surprise: ruined. Ring boxes are traditionally rather big and bulky, at least for today’s skinnier jean standards. RingStash is a new kind of box that’s only 0.5″ thick, yet presents the ring in as elegant a manner as fits such a special occasion. When closed, the ring lays flat inside, but when opened, a mechanism rotates it 90 degrees to display it in a spectacular fashion. It’s stealthy enough to carry around in a pocket, and won’t have your girlfriend asking you questions about unusual bulges in your pants. It’s a newer way to carry out an old tradition, and… we would be recommending it if it weren’t for the asking price: $99! At that price, we suggest to just wear a blazer and hide the $10 box in the inside pocket instead.


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  • Michele Velazquez

    A blazer may work, but what about in the summer? What if he proposes while being active? What if the guy has style and wears a fitted blazer, it would still show? Remember, he is paying for the experience and to be able to hide his ring not just paying for a product. Thanks for the shot-out though!