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Buster Bulbs Look Old School, Are Brand New

Buster Bulbs Look Old School, Are Brand New


There’s something special about old timey stuff, and the old Edison lightbulbs with the huge filaments harken back to simpler, less fast-paced times. Wanting to recreate some of that aura, the Buster Bulbs are shaped somewhat like their century old predecessors, but feature very modern technology. Featuring LEDs, they’re being called “the world’s first designer lightbulbs”, and we have to say we quite like their appearance. Beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder, but if you agree with us and fancy to get yourselves one, it’s Β£40 per. They come in warm gold, smoked grey & bright crystal colors.

[ Werd ]


20 responses to “Buster Bulbs Look Old School, Are Brand New”

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