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Meltaonin Spray Gets You To Sleep In A Wink

Meltaonin Spray Gets You To Sleep In A Wink


If you normally have trouble falling asleep, you might have tried many different solutions, from sleeping pills, to alcohol, to melatonin pills. These work to varying degrees, but the Sprayable Sleep product we’re featuring here looks interesting. Developed by Ben Yu and Deven Soni at Stanford University last March along with a team of chemists and designers, Sprayable Sleep is a liquid that you spray on your skin to help you fall asleep. It’s made of Melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep, and is apparently more effective than the oral version of the same. The fact that it’s administered topically means it will avoid it being eliminated by your liver, as well as allow it to enter your bloodstream slowly over a long period of time. Allegedly, this makes it more effective; early reviews have been positive. You not only fall asleep more easily, but your sleep it more restful and you don’t wake up as groggy. It’s $15 for a bottle that lasts about one month, but you have to buy them 3 at a time, so $45.


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