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A Pizza Oven That Looks Like A Pizza Box

A Pizza Oven That Looks Like A Pizza Box


Other than “why not?”, we can’t think of a single reason why anyone would want a pizza oven that looks like a pizza box at first glance. But hey, as long as it makes decent pizza, right? The 1,200-Watt heating element can bring temperatures up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit, and the rotating inner dish ensures that pizzas up to 12 inches across can get baked evenly. A 30 minute timer allows you to go do something else and not worry about burning your pie. Sure, it’s a gimmick but at $48, it’s not a complete waste of money.

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One response to “A Pizza Oven That Looks Like A Pizza Box”

  1. nerys says:

    I really like this. What I want is one that will do a 14″ puie ie a typical large pie. 12″ is of limited use.