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As Secure As Data Gets: Cryptex Combination Lock USB Drive

As Secure As Data Gets: Cryptex Combination Lock USB Drive

Mechanical Combination Lock USB Drive

You can encrypt the data on your USB– or you can protect your files the old-school way by using a combination lock. The concept isn’t exactly new (see this Combination Lock made specifically for flash drives released a few years back.) However, Cryptex is different in the sense that the USB drive itself is what’s protected by your code.

Cryptex is a special container which has mechanical combination lock (rotating rings with letters or digits), which people used hundreds years ago to keep secrets. Inside the cylinder there’s a container, where you can keep piece of paper with secret data.

Of course, the drive is rendered useless if you somehow forget the 5-digit combination you’ve set the lock to. It’s still awesome anyway. It’s available online for €35.90 (about $49.)

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2 responses to “As Secure As Data Gets: Cryptex Combination Lock USB Drive”

  1. Patrick Stevens says:

    Hmm.. Phillips head screws to hold the lock together? Seems pretty defeatable.

  2. George Daniel says:

    Guess this site doesn’t do research. This project is cancelled and this USB does not exist. The creators of this device are frauds that managed to scam $200,000 from Kickstarter backers. Please do research before posting nonsensical articles.