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Realistic-Looking Fake Food Jewelry Looks Good Enough to Eat

Realistic-Looking Fake Food Jewelry Looks Good Enough to Eat

Fake Food Jewelry

Look away if you’re on a diet and want to still be on one at the end of the day. Because while we’re talking fashion accessories, they might as well be food because of how close to the real thing they actually look. This line of jewelry was created by Hatanaka, a Japanese manufacturer that specializes in making uber-realistic plastic food replicas for restaurants.

Now they’re expanding their line of business to the fashion industry with their bacon belts, soba necklaces, spaghetti hairpieces, and pasta earrings.

Fake Food Jewelry1

Fake Food Jewelry2

Fake Food Jewelry3

Fake Food Jewelry4


Who knew fashion could look so delicious?

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Spoon & Tamago ]


One response to “Realistic-Looking Fake Food Jewelry Looks Good Enough to Eat”

  1. FakeFoodJapan says:

    If anyone has a plan to visit Japan, I highly recommend partaking in a fake food-making workshop. Many fake food manufacturers hold them on the weekends for interested participants. If you check on YouTube, you’ll be able to find several videos showcasing the workshops for a better idea on what it entails.