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New Pills Make Farts Smell Like Chocolate

New Pills Make Farts Smell Like Chocolate


The Holidays are under way, and that means you’ll soon be putting your intestinal tract through some rigorous quality testing. Much gasses will be made, and wouldn’t it be great if these didn’t suffocate your guests? A 65 year old French man, Christian Poincheval, claims to have invented pills that can give your flatulence the sweet smell of chocolate. He sells these on his website at the reasonable rate of $12.50 for 60 capsules, and apparently has been selling similar pills that make your farts smell of roses for years. Whether any of the fart fragrances actually works is not known, but we’d love to hear from anyone that’s tried it.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Huffington Post ]


2 responses to “New Pills Make Farts Smell Like Chocolate”

  1. But at what cost? Your farts may smell like chocolate but do they have unintended side effects? I don’t care to find out

  2. TomDee says:

    An idea of some French bloke mixing a chemical that actually converts smelly chemicals within ones digestive system to something with another scent is scary. The other option, that this stuff just adds a stronger chocolate smell to cover the original smell is simply revolting. Either way, this is a bad idea and he should drop it. But before that, I would like to read a report on his product development and testing practices.