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Hit the Slopes with These Gadgets

Hit the Slopes with These Gadgets

Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover.


With winter around the corner, the powder calls to skiers and snowboarders alike. You begin to dream of rushing down snow-covered mountains and the warmth of the lodge at the end of the day. Technology has advanced snowboards and skis over the past several years, but we’re certain you’ve already got your favorites just waiting for you. This year, it’s time to bump up your gadgets and accessories with the latest tech. This is the gear that will keep you warm, dry and safe. It’s also the equipment that will transform your regular slopes into a challenge. And, when you’re ready to show off your moves and accomplishments, you’ve got to see what the Faveable team’s top pick. Hint: it’s not a camera; it’s way more impressive than that.

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