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Ghastlier As They Burn: Melting Zombie Candles

Ghastlier As They Burn: Melting Zombie Candles

Melting Zombie Candles

With these ghastly candles, you’ll be able to hit two birds with one stone. First of all, they’re candles, so when the power’s out, just light ’em up for some much-needed illumination. Second of all, the design is just perfect for Halloween: bloody zombies with bulging eyes and disfigured faces that ups the creepy factor at your place.

And as they melt–boy, oh boy, they’ll look even creepier than they already are. The candles are handmade and you can get them from Stexe’s Etsy shop for $15 each. Creepy doesn’t come cheap.

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One response to “Ghastlier As They Burn: Melting Zombie Candles”

  1. qwertysanchez says:

    They’re not zombies, they’re the incredible melting man! rarrrgh! Seriously it’s a weird film but give it a watch.