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DipJar Takes Care Of Tips In A Cashless Age

DipJar Takes Care Of Tips In A Cashless Age


We’re slowly moving towards a cashless economy, and that’s all fine except for those among us who depend on tips to boost our income. You buy a large coffee at Starbucks (we refuse to call them by their pretentious faux-Italian names), you pay with your card and what happens to the tip jar? Nothing happens, is what. The pretentious barista gets nothing. But if DipJar takes off, that could all change. The company has recently raised a $420,000 round of investment to produce and market a small jar with an integrated magstripe reader that could make tipping $1 as easy and quick as dropping change in a traditional jar. Think of it as a modern, digital take on the traditional jar.

Anyone interested in the DipJar can contact the company through their website and request one. When the “next-gen” hardware is ready, they’ll open the doors for anyone to get one and start accepting digital tips right away. We suspect there is no cost for the hardware, but the company will skim a little off the top.

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