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Whistle Straws Let You Whistle While You Sip

Whistle Straws Let You Whistle While You Sip

Whistle Straws1



Feel like annoying the crap out of your friends? Nothing does that better than these Wet My Whistle straws. First and foremost, their design is based on slide whistles, which are played by blowing on one end while sliding the other in and out. They’re easy to play, but difficult to master.

The Whistle Straws build upon this concept, only you’re supposed to slide the straw in and out of your drink. The varying beverage levels changes the amount of empty space in the straw, which allows you to produce different tunes as you go along.

Whistle Straws

Suffice to say, you’ll probably regret handing these out to guests at your next get-together, for obvious reasons.

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