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Lego Electronic Gun That Emulates Star Wars Han Solo’s Gun

Electronic Lego gun

If you are obsessed with Star Wars, then you are most definitely going to like any DIY project that aims at replicating one of the many unique props used in this epic super-galactic saga. Baran von Brunk, who is an avid DIYer, has built an Electronic Lego gun, emulating Han Solo’s weapon and named it ‘The Electronic LEGO DL-44 Blaster (Light & Sound)’. Made completely from Lego bricks, this electronic gun has an Arduino board to control all the fancy electronic and sound effects that set forth once you pull the trigger.

All the electronics and audio parts have been salvaged from hacked Radio Shack parts, whereas the programming for the Arduino board took Baran quite a while to figure out. If you want to make your own version of this gun, just follow Baran’s steps, listed on the following Instructables link.

Electronic Lego gun

Electronic Lego gun

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    Completely brilliant!