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Every Office Needs One: 4-Piece Tri Board Set

Every Office Needs One: 4-Piece Tri Board Set

4-Piece Tri Board Set


Can’t decide whether you need a cork board or a white board for your office? What about for those times when a blackboard might be more appropriate? Don’t forget a magnetic board for all the other stuff you need to organize, too. No need to pick just one though with the 4-Piece Tri Board Set, because with this thing on your wall, you get all four.

The triangular design gives it an artistic look and feel, so it won’t be an eyesore on your wall. There’s a dedicate space for your chalky scribbles, plus a magnetic area and cork board where you can stick or tack on notes, reminders, ideas, and to-do lists. There’s also a dry-erase triangle in the mix in case you prefer writing with a pen than a chalk.

It’s available for $60.

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One response to “Every Office Needs One: 4-Piece Tri Board Set”

  1. Aierwill says:

    It’s available for $60. This pen can use how long?
    LEAGOO Lead 4