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Selfie Toaster: Eat Your Face

Selfie Toaster: Eat Your Face

Selfie Toasters

Fancy spreading some jam on your mug and eating your face every day? Sounds a bit crazy but that’s what you’ll be doing if you get one of these custom toasters from the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp. The Selfie Toaster is essentially that: a toaster that lets you toast an imprint of your face onto every slice of bread you pop into it.

All you have to do is upload your selfie and fork over 75 bucks. Vermont will then use Photoshop and a CNC plasma cutter to “transfer” your face from the photo onto a metal plate, which is then fitted into the toaster.

Selfie Toasters1

Selfie Toasters2


The result? Selfie toast. What will people think of next?

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One response to “Selfie Toaster: Eat Your Face”

  1. Chris says:

    Do you need selfie picture to have origonal white background in order for image to work?