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Epson Mobile Printer Fits In A Travel Bag

Epson Mobile Printer Fits In A Travel Bag


Business people of OhGizmo!, check this out. Epson is going to be releasing the PX-S05, a printer small enough (309 x 154 x 61mmm and 1.6kg, or 3.5lbs) to fit in a carry-on bag. It works with an integrated battery, and connects to pretty much any device, whether or not a router is present in the vicinity (with WiFi Direct ®). It’ll print documents ranging in size from a business card to an A4 sheet, and churn them out at “4.0 IPM (Images Per Minute) in color and 7.0 ipm in black and white.” We’re not sure why they’re using images per minute as a unit of measurement, but there you have it. It’s perfect for a business meeting, or for printing a report in a hotel room without having to visit the business center. It’ll be available in September for 28,000 Yen ($276 approx.).

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