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Where Have These Edible Cupcake Wrappers Been All My Life?


Cupcakes are wonderful. They’re literally cakes that fit in a cup, although they were clearly made to fit in my mouth. Right in my mouth. Except for that paper that gets in the way most of the time, cupcakes are perfect. And now Dr.Oetker has even fixed the pesky paper problem. You’re looking at cupcake molds/cases/wrappers that you can eat alongside the cupcake itself. They have a rigid structure, which means you don’t even really need a tray to bake your sweets; they’ll survive a trip in the oven no problem. Once out, just stuff that cupcake right in your face. Right in your face, and don’t look back. They’re Gluten free so you can keep being fashionable (or actually avoid aggravating your Celiac disease). It’s around $4 for 6 of these “wrappers”, but it’s worth every penny in our opinion.

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