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Deal Of The Day: 28% Off On Smartphone Controlled SmartPlane


We’re often looking at smartphone-controlled quad-rotor drones. But what about good old planes? The SmartPlane you’re looking at connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and lets you control it intuitively with just a few gestures. There’s some built-in gyro stabilization for a smooth flying experience, which is done at slow speeds anyway to make it easier to use indoors. A soft and durable EPP construction means that even if you do manage to crash it, it won’t break. Proportional rudders insure smooth turns while the battery will last for 8-15 minutes on a 13 minute charge. That’s really very little downtime and for $49, this SmartPlane is a steal. Normally, it’s $70.

[ 28% Off On Smartphone Controlled SmartPlane ]