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Foldable Lonely Tent

Foldable Lonely Tent


There are times when you need to shield yourself from the outside world, but are too far from home to just ‘go inside’. Well, the BT1-11 Foldable Lonely Tent is designed to give you an easily-deployed cube of solitude when you’re outdoors. Unfolding easily, somewhat like a folding reflector, the BT1-11 stands 1300mm (51in.) x 1600mm (63in.) x 1300mm (51in.) when fully open and weighs just 2.2kg (4.85lbs.). It’s not meant to replace a full tent, but instead to serve as a makeshift office where photographers out in the field can quickly do their thing while blocking out some of the sun. There are air vents so you don’t completely suffocate on hot days, and then entire thing is expected to cost around $80 when it’s released. We don’t know when that’ll be, though.




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2 responses to “Foldable Lonely Tent”

  1. Phil Burkhardt says:

    I love the game controller on the other side of the table from the pistol. Classic.

  2. Wiless says:

    Now we can remake office cube farms, into self contained units, so that workers can’t even pop up their heads over dividers to see what that noise was, etc.!