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Garden Godzilla Eats Your Gnomes

Garden Godzilla Eats Your Gnomes


Garden Gnomes are so passé, and if you want to make a loud statement to that effect, look no further than the Rampaging Kaiju Garden Gnome. We’re not sure why it’s still called a gnome, since it’s depicted actually eating a bunch of these, but hey, we didn’t pick the name. All we can tell you is that this statue is made of resin, stands 9″ tall by 6″ wide at base and 7″ deep (inc. tail), and is unfortunately out of stock at the moment. But if you wait until the end of June, you can own one for all of $25.

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One response to “Garden Godzilla Eats Your Gnomes”

  1. Jeff V Evans says:

    Hey looks like Think Geek is out of stock. I found this site and they have plenty.